You know your strong points and you know your weaknesses. That is always an important trait in a business owner and website manager. With this in mind, it should help you bring in someone who knows what they are doing and who can cover for the skills you are not necessarily strong in. In the world of business, if you need any website help at all, you need to seek assistance. Even if you believe your website is done up well, the slightest error can cause all sorts of problems with your search engine ranking. To avoid this kind of problem, you need to outsource your SEO material. The stronger the search engine optimization is for your website, the higher your ranking and the more traffic the site receives. But what should you look for in an SEO reseller. After all, you don’t want to just Google the topic and select the first one to come up (although that does reflect highly on them, because after you do want to rank first as well). Instead, you want to look into what the search engine does, how they can help you out and what improvements they can make to your site. While the top ranking SEO reseller may look promising, it might have reached the top spot due to longevity or having so many clients linking back to it the page itself is artificially boosted. You want a SEO reseller who knows what they are doing and who can do everything in their power to help your website out.

Kind of SEO Services

Sure, it is all optimized, but there are many different search engine optimization features you need to look for, because what you need a company might not provide, or at least office in a base package (which in turn means you’ll be forced to either go with a different company or pay extra for the service). Sure, there is traditional, white label SEO packages and link building services, all of which help improve the performance of your website. There is even local SEO, where the resellers target local Internet traffic (usually because you offer a product or service specifically to your customers). However, improved targeting for the keywords, meta tagging SEO and monitoring other optimization performance features are not always included in all packages. Make sure you know what kind of traffic you are going for (locally based or anywhere online) and how you wish to market to customers, so then when you go to search out SEO resellers, you have a better understanding of what to look for.


While nobody enjoys reading through page after page of reports, it is essential in order to determine how your SEO improvements are doing. Any SEO reseller can tinker around with your website, make a few changes, charge you an arm and a leg and then leave, never to be heard from again. How do you know the changes have worked. After all, the changes are likely going to take some time to be cataloged and scanned by search engines, but how long is too long? By the time you realize nothing has improved, or it has even become worse, you would have lost months of possible business. That is why you need to receive continual performance reports from the SEO reseller. The company should keep you abreast of what is going on, what they are doing and how it is affecting your website. You are paying for this service, so you should be able to see how your financial investment is doing. If the SEO reseller does not provide customized campaign reports, you need to look elsewhere. You probably won’t blindly pump money into a marketing campaign if you have no idea how or if it is helping your business, so why should you pump money blindly into SEO resellers? If the company doesn’t provide reports, it’s probably because they don’t do much to help out.

Marketing Pointers

Someone with excellent knowledge of SEO and where website visitors come from can prove to be a great asset in boosting your marketing platform. After all, they can tell you what keywords are working, what customers are searching for, where they are coming from and what demographic they are in. All of this can come in handy when building your marketing campaign. Using an SEO reseller that provides you with marketing pointers is a great help and allows you to take your online marketing to the next level. Even if you market in person and through more traditional means, at least with this information you know what demographic to target with your campaigns. So, when looking around for SEO resellers, check to see if the company provides marketing collateral information, such as Cliff Notes or a basic guide. You can use this guide to lead you towards an improvement in your entire marketing scheme, no matter what it is.

Features to Look For in an SEO Reseller

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